Extra programmatic activities

Extra programmatic activities

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Nature, environmental quality, tranquility and enjoyment for your family and your children, this summer.

Where? At the Posada Hoyos de Iregua in Villoslada de Cameros. You do not need anything else!!

El Rasillo de Cameros Nautical Club

Relax, nature and aquatic activities in an enviable landscape space !! El Rasillo de Cameros Nautical Club. Located just 25 minutes from Villoslada.

Horse trips

Enjoy an unforgettable experience in a beautiful natural environment. An unforgettable experience offered by Posada Hoyos de Iregua. With special horses for children 3 years and older.

Price: € 20 hour.

Stalactite caves

20 minutes from our inn, in Ortigosa de Cameros, are the spectacular stalactite caves from the Jurassic period, worth visiting. A whim of Nature to discover a step away from Villoslada de Cameros!!

The Adventure Park "Sierra de Cameros"

A space of fun and games for children and adults in full Nature. In Lumbreras, 20 minutes from our inn. It has:

  • Circuits with wooden towers and rope suspension bridges, balance challenges and skill tests, as well as climbing on the climbing wall and fun zip-lining.
  • Adventure tour tailor-made for the little ones.
  • Miniature golf circuit and archery area, 50-meter mountain slide, team strategy games and can be combined with numerous activities such as orientation, mountain biking, hiking, caving.


  • From Easter to June 30: Weekends and holidays
  • From July 1 to August 31: Every day
  • From September 2 to October 29: Weekends and holidays


  • From 11am to 2pm and from 4pm to 7pm

Please book directly with Juanjo 633 78 81 97 - reservasposadahoyosdeiregua@gmail.com